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Since 1994, Lukefahr Ranch has been managed by Steven Lukefahr and his father and “silent” partner, William Wolfe. We started with typical south Texas crossbred heifers (Beefmaster and Santa Gertrudis crossbreds: Video). Later it was observed that the cows were too large with many weighing well over 1400 pounds, while others had reproductive-related problems (dystocia, prolapses, large teats, etc.), as well as bad temperment or behavioral issues. With the use of artificial insemination involving semen from Senepol, Tuli, and Red Angus bulls, and the purchases of several Senangus and Tulangus F1 heifers, we presently maintain a herd of STAR, easy-care cattle that cope well with the demands of the harsh south Texas environment. Our ranch is located south of Kingsville, Texas.


A four year-old cow with her Star-sired bull calf. This cow is Senepol sired (Blondie) whose dam was Red Angus-sired (Bandito Tres), and whose maternal grand dam was Tuli-sired (Honey Bear). The calf is sired by LR Grey Bull (5/8 Tuli, 14/ Senepol, and 1/8 Red Angus).

A Tuli-sired two year-old heifer (Honey Bear) with her first calf (below). Her dam was Senepol-sired (Rio Bravo) and her maternal grand-dam was Red Angus-sired (None Better). The calf in the photo is Red Angus-sired (Bandito Tres). The photo also represents four generations of AI. Notice the slick hide and small teats of the cow.

On October 3, 2015, my daughter (Jessica) and I participated at the annual Boot Fest event in Victoria, Texas. One activity was for local ranchers with registered brands to “make their mark” by applying their hot brand to a square piece of wood. Soon all of the brands will be displayed at the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Victoria. Below are photos of this event.

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At Lukefahr Cattle Ranch, we believe that if you are interested in purchasing cattle, it’s not enough just to see a pretty picture of a cow, you have to see it for yourself! So we encourage you to contact us, and we can schedule your own personal tour of our ranch operations!


Call (361)219-0382 or send E-mail

Steven Lukefahr, Lukefahr Ranch, 195 FM 772E, Kingsville, TX

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Star-sired Heifers for Sale: SOLD

Kason Haby has several excellent Star-sired heifers for sale. Kason is an NRCS specialist who runs a cattle ranch in Hondo, Texas. In 2017, he purchased two Star cows and a bull. Recently, he sent me the email message below along with photos. If you are interested, please directly contact Kason at (830)486-6872. His email address is knkhaby@gmail.com.

Here are some photos and info on the heifers that were sired by my STAR bull. If you need info on the others I mentioned in the text message let me know.  I labeled all photos with the tag #. These heifers are out of Beefmaster/Santa Gertrudis/red angus x cows. Except for 203, she is a granddaughter of LR Tokay (an 16 year-old Star cow). I am asking $850/hd, which is negotiable.
Tag#    Age

1519   12 mts    

1619   11 mts

1719   10 mts

1819   10 mts

203     10 mts
Let me know if you have any questions.