Higher Profits per Acre

This is a newly created page that highlights how to increase profits per acre with appropriate genetics. Traditionally, producers have focused on profit per cow but as an agricultural enterprise business it is all about economic returns to the land. In addition, bigger is not always better; rather, the emphasis should be to increase profits by focusing on the optimum as opposed to maximum performance under low-input costs of production through improved biological and land efficiency. To address this theme a series of three PowerPoint presentations have been prepared. In brief, Part I deals with the criteria and selection of the three breeds that have formed the Star composite population. Part II shows how to predict performance based on genetic parameters from the three breeds, including heterosis and the major effect of the slick gene. Part III involves a simple economic analysis that examines efficiency in terms of cow body weight as related to profits especially to the land.

Part I-Profit per acre

Part II-Profit per acre

Part III-Profit per acre