Star-sired Heifers for Sale: SOLD

Kason Haby has several excellent Star-sired heifers for sale. Kason is an NRCS specialist who runs a cattle ranch in Hondo, Texas. In 2017, he purchased two Star cows and a bull. Recently, he sent me the email message below along with photos. If you are interested, please directly contact Kason at (830)486-6872. His email address is

Here are some photos and info on the heifers that were sired by my STAR bull. If you need info on the others I mentioned in the text message let me know.  I labeled all photos with the tag #. These heifers are out of Beefmaster/Santa Gertrudis/red angus x cows. Except for 203, she is a granddaughter of LR Tokay (an 16 year-old Star cow). I am asking $850/hd, which is negotiable.
Tag#    Age

1519   12 mts    

1619   11 mts

1719   10 mts

1819   10 mts

203     10 mts
Let me know if you have any questions.