Young Star Bulls

Billy Griffin from Bandera, TX, is the proud owner of these two Star bulls that are two years old. Billy has developed a herd of Star composite-bred cattle that are adaptable on a low-input production system. A number of Star bulls as well as heifers have been purchased since 2014. From the photos below, the light-colored bull is 35.1% Red Angus, 45.3% Senepol, 18.8% Tuli and 0.8% other breeds. His dam (LR Beth) is 17 years-old and has produced a calf every year since she was a two year-old. The red bull is Mashona-sired by Tarzan. His breed composition is 50.0% Mashona, 31.3% Red Angus, 12.5% Senepol, 6.3% Tuli. His maternal grand sire is Bandito Tres (Red Angus) and his maternal grand dam’s sire was Nocona (Senepol). His dam (LR Faith) is now 12 years old. These bulls are both slick, short-framed, deep-gutted and have good muscle development, which exemplify well the evolving type of Star cattle.