Bulls for Sale in Austin area – SOLD

In 2014, Mark Bearden purchased two weaned STAR bull calves for breeding. His ranch is located in the south Austin area. Originally, his cows were bought at local auctions. Mark’s breeding objective was to save daughters for breeding from his new STAR bulls and his best cows that would be more heat tolerant to upgrade the herd. He says: I have been completely satisfied with them. They are doing a great job for me. I have recently lost some lease pastures and have been thinking about trying to sell these bulls. These bulls are too good to take to an auction barn. The thing I like most about the bulls is the reason I bought them. I have a no hay operation that I learned how to do from reading your articles and also reading articles from other people. This puts the breeding season in the hottest time of the year. I wanted bulls that would have no problem getting cows bred in July and August in Central Texas. I separated the bulls during the breeding season and each bull was turned in with 20 to 30 cows. These bulls had no problems doing that with usually very close to 100% getting bred. I have kept back several heifers. They all made great cows and none of them had any problems calving. The bulls are very gentle and I haven’t had any problems with them at all. Currently they are together, so if someone wants both of them, then that will not be a problem. The best way for a potential buyer to contact me is this other email account.  mbear600@gmail.com.

Mark will accept a reasonable offer for either one or both bulls.