Wintering Time

In 2019, weaned calves were sold as breeding animals or as grass feeders. None were taken to the local sale barn. Replacement heifers and bulls are presently being wintered on their dams. They will not be separated until early March. However, wintered heifers are kept in separate pastures than wintered bulls to prevent early breeding. Dams will continue to nurse their calves until they become dry, and teach them various winter grazing behaviors, while programming their fetuses to switch on genes for poor quality forage digestibility without fed feeds (as well as genes for other vital traits that pertain to adaptability). There is still some green forage and weeds at the base of taller and mature stockpiled forage to ensure that their nutritional needs are being met. Below are several photos: wintered cows and heifer calves and a wintered bull (LR 20-19) including his pictorial pedigree.