New article in Beef Producer

Alan Newport and I co-wrote an article that was published this week in Beef Producer. Alan is the editor of this magazine. The article’s theme is strategies to produce more pounds of beef per acre. It explains how I now use fewer acres per cow (stocking rate): 7.7 acres per animal unit instead of 16 acres 5 years ago, and increased beef yield from 36 to 64 pounds per acre using my African breed-derived, adaptable Composite cattle. For the cow-calf enterprise, beef yield is a function of the number of cows, pregnancy rate (PG), calf survival to weaning (SR), average weaning weight (AWW), and total acreage. For example: 10 cows X .90 PG X .90 SR X 550 (AWW) equals 4,455 total pounds. Divide this number by 100 acres and the beef yield figure comes to 44.55 pounds of beef per acre. Ranchers should have a business focus of producing more beef and increasing profits from the land as opposed to profit per cow or average weaning weight. Here is a link to the article: Link