Star Bull for Sale-SOLD

Flying W Ranch is located in Cotulla, Texas. For years now, this business has been purchasing Star bulls to produce cattle that are heat tolerant and productive without pampering. The herd manager, Grant Rogers, has a 4 year-old Star bull for sale: Bull 17-2015. Last year the ranch had to reduce the number of cows due to drought and now the ranch has too much bull power. This bull has no issues. He is slick, polled, and has good depth of muscling and has a gentle nature. Last June (2018) he scored 95% sperm on a semen test. He has a great pedigree which includes Honey Bear (Tuli), Nocona (Senepol), and Bandito Tres (Red Angus) foundation sires. His breed composition is 37.5% Tuli, 25% Senepol, and 37.5% Red Angus. LR Faith is his dam who is 11 yesr old and who has calves every yesr since 2 years of age. His birth wt was 78 lbs (EPD is -2.2) and his 205 adj. weaning wt was 553 lbs (EPD is -15.0). A couple of photos of this good bull are shown below. Grant can be contacted by phone (830-998-8048) or email (