Breeding Bull for Sale

LR 22-2102 was sold as a calf to Flying W Ranch located in Cotulla, Texas. His birth weight was 77 lbs (-1.58 EPD) and his 205-day WW was 586 lbs (-12.6 EPD). His breed composition is 25% Red Angus, 25% Senepol, 37.5% Tuli, and 12.5% commercial. For several years he has been the main breeding Star bull. The manager, Grant Rogers, likes his very gentle disposition and high very high libido. Now a number of his daughters are breeding cows in the herd so this fall he will be for sale and two young bull calves will be purchased from Lukefahr Ranch. If you are possibly interested in this bull or have questions, please email ( or call (830-998-8048) Grant directly.