Bull for sale – Sold

A yearling virgin Star bull from Lukefahr Ranch is for sale – LR 21-2016. His DOB was May 13, 2016. This bull weighed 65 pounds at birth (EPD = -1.70) and he had a 205-day adjusted weaning weight of 503.1 pounds (EPD = -5.58). The bull was sired by LR Red Dawg (pgs – PCC R2R Simon (Red Angus)) and his maternal grand sire was LR Grey bull. His breed composition is 46.9% Red Angus, 25% Senepol, and 28.1% Tuli, so he has plenty of tropically-adapted genetics.He is very gentle and is ready to be used for breeding. Below this bull’s photo are those of his parents at approx. 1-1/2 years of age. If interested, you may call (361-219-0382) or send an E-mail (slukefahr@gmail.com). – This bull is now sold and will be heading to Missouri!